• Address : 36 old London Road , Wheatley Oxford OX33 1YW

About Oxford’s British Orchard Nursery

Oxford’s British Orchard Nursery of Wheatley, situated on the Old London Road and accessed by both the Old London Road and the parallel London Road.

Using solar energy to generate electricity, and even harvest rainwater into a 8,400l tank which filters and feeds the water back into the building for our toilets and washing machines. The building is a bright, vibrant and a stimulating setting to aid the learning and development of children in it’s care, using low energy ‘day glow’ educational lighting throughout.

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When it comes to selecting a best nursery for your child , you can't make a better choice than Oxford’s British Orchard Nursery

Active Atmostphere

Clean, bright, stimulating rooms with warm and nurturing atmostphere


Highly professioinal, well-qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Flexible Option

Flexible options - tailor your booking to suit your needs

Full Day Programs

A wide range of fun activities for your child in a safe and caring environment.